Warning: Before we gbas gbos Fireboy DML’s track— ‘Omo Ologo.’ I want to say that as a music lover and lyrics critic, I am entitled to my inanity just like any other individual reading. Feel free to scatter the comment section with your own narrative.

No doubt, Adedamola Adefolahan, known as Fireboy DML, is a lyrical wordsmith and a maestro with melodies. The YBNL replacement for Adekunle Gold brought in mesmerizing music flexing abilities and vocalization that surpasses his precursor into the record label. Jealous, the 23-year old’s sleeper hit of 2019, exposed his lyrical brilliance and rhythmical control to the world. Heightened with the copious poignant lyric. Laughter tears and goosebumps have over 24 million plays on AudioMack, and it spent two days on the US album chart. Scatter remains number one on Spotify Nija Top 50 with vibration on number 4.
The thirteen stellar tracks with no guest appearance have since its release, hailed as the best debut album of the New Era ever since “New Era” by kiss Daniel. Jealous was released in late 2018, but as a sleeper hit since it lacked a grand launch or huge commercial push. Still, it sustained itself over a long time to become a huge success.

However, in a bid to impress the yearning masses, Fireboy struggled to retain some key elements that endeared him to his fans. The track ‘Omo ologo’ sounds good. All thanks to the mastery of Pheelz (riddimacoolayor), but it has zero business with the album. Vibration, Need you, Energy, Like I do, high on life, Gbas Gbos, Feel, What If I say and Jealous have quintessential afrobeat arrangement with harmonic dexterity. We understand that diversification is pivotal, and the need for experimentation is good. Still, the track lacks the complete package of a typical Pheelz lamba compared to scatter. One can say that the young lad added this track as a gift for the YBNL boss-Olamide. Imitation is the best form of flattery. It is evident to the blind and audible to the deaf that the track is a typical Olamide kind of banger. Little wonder why his Instagram stories were filled with videos of him vibing to the track alone during the week of its release.
The lyric of the song is empty, full of vain repetition and harmonious echo. The singer fiercely relied on one of Nigeria’s most significant producer of the decade and master of trap drums and afro-pop – Pheelz to do all the working while he tagged along. An artist can do whatever needs to be done on his track. Still, he shouldn’t make a conscious effort to harm himself under the umbrella of diversification. The track is an anti-laughter, tears, and goosebumps addition, but again it is a good dance song.

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